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Business and Investment(Stock/Crypto)

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Telia backs guidance despite net profit miss


STOCKHOLM--Telia Co. AB on Friday backed full-year guidance despite reporting lower-than-expected first-quarter net profit as cost cuts failed to offset the...

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Saab backs guidance, lifted by military orders


STOCKHOLM--Saab AB on Friday backed its full-year guidance after reporting an unexpected rise in first-quarter net profit as strong military orders offset...

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Remy Cointreau sales up, strong start to the year


Remy Cointreau SA said Friday that sales were slightly up in its full fiscal year, adjusted for currency effects, as strong cognac sales boosted...

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LVMH up Tod's stake for around EUR75 million


LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE has increased its stake in Tod's SpA to 10%, the Italian shoe maker said late Thursday. The French luxury-goods group's...

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Daimler lifts margin outlooks after profit soars


Daimler AG on Friday increased the margin targets for its Mercedes-Benz and Mobility divisions for the year, after profit and revenue increased in the first...

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Rap legend Shock G of Digital Underground dies at 57


Shock G, who blended whimsical wordplay with reverence for '70s funk as leader of the off-kilter hip-hop group Digital Underground, has died. He was 57.

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Asian markets mixed after Wall Street retreats on Biden tax report


Asian stock markets were mixed Friday after Wall Street fell following a report that President Joe Biden will propose raising taxes on wealthy investors.

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Which tech stocks can build on pandemic gains? Fund manager Ryan Jacob offers these two names.


Fund manager Ryan Jacob has survived plenty of market crises. The Jacob internet Fund got its start in 1999 and is still going strong. He lays out two tech...

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These Smaller Tech Companies Have Postpandemic Promise, Says Jacob Funds Manager


Top-performing manager Ryan Jacob talks about two overlooked technology stocks in the Jacob internet Fund, which was born in the dot-com boom.

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U.K. consumer confidence more guarded in April


Consumer confidence in the UK increased for the third straight month in April but to a much lesser degree than the previous months, signalling that Britons...

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Gender-reveal party using 80 pounds of explosives rattles New England towns


One New Hampshire family's gender reveal party was such a blast that it rattled towns, set off reports of an earthquake, and could be heard from across the...

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Two small cryptos you need to buy

This two cryptos are small but they will build your crypto portfolio like the did to mine. I personally prefer this cryptos more than Bitcoin, because it’s not as unstable as Bitcoin. This coins are Enjin and Numeraire.

Note: This is my personal understanding from year as a crypto investor, I don’t trade crypto, I buy and keep as long term investment. You are welcome to do some more research on this cryptos and share with us what you think as a comment below.

Get inspired by Jason and start building you own business


Is Dogecoin the next crypto to boom

Judging from the beginning of dogecoin, no one would believe that dogecoin will some day worth something more than a joke. Dogecoin started off as a joke cryptocurrency in 2013, Created by Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus and today have a market cap of nearly $2B, how fascinating.

Do you think dogecoin will be the next crypto boom?
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How To Make Money From Creating And Designing Logos

You are welcome to this article this article will inform and educate you about this untapped source of making money online with your phone by creating logos on your phone with the use of some apps. What is a logo?
A logo is a symbol or an object used to represent and differentiate them from others. Every organization has a logo or a letterhead and new companies and brands are emerging up and they will ask for a logo to represent and their business.

[ATTACH type="full"...
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5 Ways You Can Make Money From Whatsapp

You are welcome to this article, this article will teach you five ways you can make money from WhatsApp, you may not have heard about. WhatsApp as we all know is owned by Tech giants Facebook. It is one of the most popular social media platform apart from Facebook.


There are many ways, you can make money with the WhatsApp app in your phone. They are as follows:

1. Monetized your status: many people don't know...
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Facebook group or page for sale

Does anyone here have a Facebook group or page for sale.
Likes/Members: 500k upwards



2021 ka New Online Earning App / NH 7 Application se paisa kaise kamaya jata hai


Dogecoin Mining site without investment | Earn dogecoin fast 2021 | DOGE Mining site


how to earn money from frizza 2021 new earnings apps frizza payments proof @googleTrick


Best Earnings App 2021 for Students | How can I make money online in 2021? | pocket money


How To Make $7487 BITCOIN Automatic Per Day (FREE) | Earn 1 BTC No Work


Trying to make some easy cash online[WATCH THIS]


Websites You Can Actually Make Money From

Are you looking for ways to earn a few extra bucks? Do you want to create a stream of income to pay a few bills? There're many websites you can actually make money from!

Gone are the days when you were required to get a second job to earn some extra money. All thanks to the advancement of technology, there're uncountable ways to make money. Now, you can use whatever assets you have, such as skills, knowledge, or your unused items, to earn a few more bucks...

Blog for sale

Anybody have a food blog with 20 or more article for sale

Help getting an insurance license

Anyone in texas knows how to successfully apply for an insurance license

Is bitcoin a good long term investment?

I am not very advanced with blockchain, I own a few crypto coins like eitherurm. But I want to invest in Bitcoin for a long run. Is that a good advice?

Cheap shops for rent in Dallas Texas area

Hi, am nick I run a little hair making/make up business from my apt. But am looking for a get a store, as am getting more customers and my apt wouldn’t accommodate my small business no more. But am looking for a cheap I can pay for as a beginner.
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How to open up a food truck business

Can someone give me some tips on how a startup a food truck business. Do I need to get any license to start? Does anyone here have one

What is the best business to start

I am a regular 9 to 6 middle class employee. But as I am getting old am beginning to dislike work for someone else. I wish to own my own business but I don’t know how to start or what to start with. Please what is the most profitable and fast growth business to start in 2021

Must watch: Tesla Bitcoin secret


Fast and Easy Ways to Make Money Online

All thanks to technology, the internet is littered with unlimited opportunities for making money online. Below, I will bucket some Fast and Easy Ways to Make Money Online people don’t know about.

While some people set up a home business set up to create or replace their full-time job, others simply want to earn a few extra bucks to pay their bills, debt, or use as mad money for expenses, impulse purchases, or emergencies.

In the past, people who dreamed...
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How I made my first $2000 online

Making money online is not very easy but it is easy if you are smart. You can make a lot of fo money online just seated on your couch with your laptop, a lot of money doesn't mean millions, you can make a couple of cash online. I did so I believe if you follow the same step you will too. I will share how I made my first $2000 online. I didn't make that in a day, that was my 1 week's first online income with no website. And how I did it is very simple. Making translation for people I don't...

Ads Server Alternatives Compared to AdSense

Adsense Alternatives and How Good They Are Compared to AdSense​

Do you know that there are plenty of Adsense alternatives that allow you to generate income from your website or blog? Have you failed or rejected to get Adsense approval? If you’ve answered yes, don't despair because this post will make you aware of the best Adsense alternatives for you to generate money online.

You can generate a handsome amount of money from your website or blog by placing adverts on it...

Ways to tell if a stock is worth buying or not

Investing in stocks can be like gambling. But if you research and learn a lot about investing and companies, you’ll most likely succeed. To get you started, we are discussing 9 ways to tell if a stock is worth buying.


How To Tell If A Stock Is Worth Buying​

Buying stocks can be a great investment for your future. We all have heard stories of people...
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Imarket vs Amazon: A comparison of two e-commerce giants

A comparison of two giants of e-Commerce: Imarket Vs Amazon from their business model to products to customer attraction in the world of e-commerce.

  1. Imarket vs Amazon: A Comparison Of Two E-Commerce Giants​

A comparison of two giants of e-Commerce: Imarket Vs Amazon is one of the biggest battles in the e-Commerce world. Both platforms have millions of active buyers at present. But what is the best platform for e-Commerce? Let’s take a look...
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Myths in Investment you should know

I have applied these myths in my portfolio and its results are incredible, it will boost your portfolio in a way you will not believe.

The 1st one is Asset Allocation;
It’s is very important not to only invest all your money in one stock. Someone recently told me that tesla makes up %95 of his portfolio, this is also another reason why experts are beating regular investors. Because experts...


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Free Retirement Ebook

Happy new year to everybody. Welcome to 2021, the year with a lot of promise as a new year gift I will share this ebook. I have seen a lot of success following the instructions in this book. Below I will attach it as a pdf. palmbeachgroup



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Two portfolio transforming healthcare stocks

Being successful in the stock market is not something you achieve easily, Buffet the best investor of all time, did not achieve his success in the stock market easily, nor have any other successful investor achieved their success in the stock market easily.
Success in the stock market requires a lot of studies, research, and speculation.
And good advice you should take from this article should be, not take exactly what everyone says without making more research on your own to see the...
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Why are experts beating regular investors?

Why are experts always beating regular investors? A common question asked by a member. The answer is simple, regular investors buy big names while experts buy small names that have the potential to become big. This implies that regular investors buy big companies like Google alphabet, Amazon, Apple but experts already know that those comments are not a good buy because there a fully grown and only hold the potential to remain big and not the potential...
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Must watch: Zuckerberg MAD that Apple is protecting its customers privacy,


Must watch: eToro FORCING STOP LOSSES on $GME traders


Must watch: Will the Stock Market Crash Under Joe Biden?

Time to turn off fox news and turn of cnn

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Watch this before buying Gamestop stock


Two stocks that can make you some good profit

These stocks have been confirmed by researchers to have high growth potential, and as of the time of the publication of this article, these stocks have been added to our Swing portfolio. Surprise as to what I meant by swing portfolio.
There are three types of investors;
  • Long term investors, also called wealth accummulators, like Buffet. The hold there investments for years
  • Swing investors. They hold there investments for months or weeks
  • And Day traders, buy and sell...
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Some assets That Will Make You Rich In 2021


Top Penny Stocks That Might Explode This Week

Don't miss out on this.


Make money daily online with Robinhood

Saw this video on youtube and thought I should share it here, I haven't tried what he explained but am about to. lets us know what you think for you,

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[Research Result] how to beat 2021 market

A lot of people lost lots of money due to the pandemic, but advice to everyone is not to lose hope in the market. The pandemic won't last forever, with time everything will go back to normal. It's not the first time this has happened. Below I will attach a pdf of palmbeachgroup research result of how to beat 2021 market requested by Rex...
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[MAJOR BUY ALERT] by Teeka act now!

There is a mad rush in corporate America, now as are reading this.

This rush involves Facebook, Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

These four are all betting on a new technology the World Economic Forum projects will soar 295,762% over 7 years.

But guess what it’s not AI, not the Internet and also not 5G…...

Investment recommendation from Jeff Brown

Editor's Note: Jeff Brown has just uncovered a tiny company in the middle of a $11.9 trillion revolution. It could be his #1 stock for 2021. See details below.

This is an investment insider email sent to me by Jeff Brown, my investment coach, am sharing it here for every member to take advantage of the information for investment purposes​

This is a...
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Shutterstock: The Best Media site offering free high quality pictures and videos

Whether you are a photographer or an illustrator, Shutterstock is the most popular platform for you that consistently outperforms all other agencies. If you are considering becoming a microstock photographer, Shutterstock is the best media company that should be at the top of your options to join.

Shutterstock agency has become incredibly popular among all those who are looking for...
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Teeka’s Three Biggest unstoppable Investment Trends for 2021


Today I will be sharing with the group Teeka Tiwari’s three biggest non-crypto investment for 2021.

As mentioned by Teeka. To make great fortune from a company you have to find them early in the growth process.

But very often these companies are overlooked, because people don’t know the potential the hold between them to make investors massive ROI.

And one of these companies is;

Privately owned...
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Teeka’s catch up opportunity if you missed massive crypto gain.


Did you miss out on the crypto opportunity. For some reason Tekka thinks you might have another crypto opportunity coming up next click here to...
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How to monetize your blog

Purchasing a domain and setting up a blog is probably the easiest part of blogging if I may say. As it only cost a couple of changes and a little site hosting experience.

The main and most important part of blogging is content creation. Your ability to create a good quality article and your ability to create a lot of it determines if your blog will grow or not. Now, most people start a blog for different reasons, most people call their blog a private blog where they write only about...
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Free ebook how to drive unique traffic to your blog

Blogging Traffic Mantra​

Added on January 6, 2021​

*** Requested By Gold Member ***

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Search Engine Optimization Explained free ebook

Search Engine Optimization Explained​

Added on January 11, 2021
*** Requested By Gold Member ***

"Get ahead of the race by leveraging the power of the Internet to expand your business and grow your reputation!"


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Brownstone Research shares an insider stock research

Good morning all, please do not hesitate to drop a welcome message to our new member Tlaiam (forum tradition). I will be sharing an insider stock research result from the Brownstone research group. As an insider, I do get access to research results like this one am about to share, but it's only available to download for only members, but you can also get your free membership (Register) and get access...
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Nano Vms: The Best Platform For Building And Running Unikernels

If you are related to the tech industry, you’ll know that security has been one of the hottest topics for the past few years. Both individuals as well as companies want to ensure that their data is secure. But has there really been much advancement in this field?

Yes, in the form of unikernels. In this post, we are going to take a deep dive into unikernels and Nano VMS.


But to figure those two things out, we...
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Some Business Strategies You Should Not Take for Granted

Taking things for granted is one of the awful mistakes we all make, especially as business owners. This article will help you understand what business strategies you should not take for granted so your business keeps thriving.

Daily challenges aside, the knowledge you acquire during various experiences is among the most valuable things you can get from your enterprise. However, it is not that easy...
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Is Pre-IPOs (Private Companies) A Good Investment? Why?

Pre-IPOs can make you money, but are they a good investment? Read on to find out!

Companies are staying private for longer periods of time. Snowflake (SNOW) is one example where early investors made a good amount of money. On Sept. 15, 2020, it became public at $120 and within 11 days, the stock reached $228.90. This is the case where investors made...
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Best Apps to earn free crypto

The bitcoin furor isn't finishing any time soon, with costs expected to ascend to $18,600 throughout the end of the week. In spite of the fact that there are numerous pundits of the digital currency, it has arrived at a record estimation of more than $1 billion. Right now, there are an expected 4 million dynamic bitcoin wallet clients across the world, and investigators foresee the number to arrive at 200 million by 2024. We covered the digital currencies stupendous...

The best "penny options" to buy right now

Option are know as to be very risky, if you don’t know what you are doing you will tons of money like I did.

But if you know options very well you will make a lot of gain from. I recommend you hiring a mentor if possible, if you want invest in option. Like I did...
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Make money online without a website

I saw this video online and think members of this forum will benefit from it. And as an active member of this group you are allowed to post your affiliate link and it will never get deleted. But you can't just post only link, you have to add a short post to it. Posts with only links are deleted. Let us make money together. below is the video do live a comment about what you think about the video.


How To Reach 1.5m Unique Visitors In 5 Months

Learn the strategies behind reaching a huge amount of visitors in just 5 months.


How To Reach 1.5m Unique Visitors In 5 Months​

Everyone loves the stories of overnight successes. Stories like how someone started a company from their parents’ garage and became the next Apple in a few months. But most people don’t know the amount of hard work, time, and dedication put into a...
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How to make $700 daily with viral videos

This won’t make you a millionaire but it can make you some extra daily cash depending on how much time you put in.

You can make some good cash from Adf.ly. Just by getting your free Acct. And using there software to shorten your link. And when you do this, you make som cash as people keep clicking on the shortened link.

To get a good video to make more money from, head to YouTube.com and search for one. In my case I used Minecraft’s and the...
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Is Cryptos a good investment, if yes, why?

Is cryptographic money safe?

There are sure dangers present in the crypto market that are not as pervasive in customary monetary business sectors, for example, those for stocks and securities. Cryptographic money trades have been inclined to hacks and other crime. These security breaks have prompted sizable misfortunes for financial specialists who have had their computerized monetary standards taken, gone forever.

[ATTACH type="full"...
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How Can I Grow My Business To Be Successfull?

Profits don’t seem to go up? And you mightbe thinking about growing your business lately. So click to learn about how to grow a business and how long will it take!


You put in the time and effort to turn your idea into an actual business. And it’s been running for a while now. You are getting a...
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Why is my business no making progress? Here is why.

Objective setting is a significant piece of beginning and possessing a business. Without business objectives, you may discover you are wallowing in your business with no course. Your business objectives can keep you zeroed in on where you need to be while assisting you with making an arrangement for arriving.

When you're prepared to begin with objective defining, these amazing objective setting steps will assist you with accomplishing your most aggressive business objectives.

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Starting a blog

Any time I give a blog suggestions to any of my friends, they counter by saying no that’s not a business idea. But it is, they just don’t know that sites like Viral Nova which has turned into big companies started as a blog.

Only with a 150,000 monthly view on your site can make you $4,000 monthly from adsense. How much change can that make in your life right now.

And guess what their are a lot of other ad companies you can also make money from outside adsense.

I haven’t made much money...
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How To Identify And Avoid Internet Scams

Learn about the top internet scams and how you can avoid them.


How To Identify And Avoid Internet Scams​

Last year, FBI received 467,361 complaints about online scams. Some scams involved phishing links and some involved romantic relationships. But the...
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11 Unique Business Ideas That Can Actually Make You Money

Learn about 11 unique business ideas that can yield a lot of money if well managed


11 Unique Business Ideas That Can Actually Make You Money​

The internet is full of ideas for startups. You don’t even have to search on Google to find business ideas. Just look around, you’ll see dozens of business ideas for yourself.
We have done a previous post where we...
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Secret to how I made 221 sales a day with Buzzpress

Guys this is so amazing, I made 221 sales a day using this wonderful system, that push thousands of unique visitors to your sales page by making it go viral. And you don’t have to do any work, they got everything taken care of. I couldn’t believe this cheap software can make such a great number of sales click here to know more about it

Register to view more details
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Critical marketing tools that can earn you thousands

This post is in regard to the answer to the question asked by Rex on this post Secret to my 637 daily email sales
Affiliate marketing have made thousand for some people and nothing for some people. It took me 3yrs to start making some cash with affiliate marketing. Don't get it confusing? that doesn't mean it will take you 3yrs too to start earning some...
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Secret to my 637 daily email sales

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Secret on how I made 18,963 sale in November 2020

Habitually Asked Questions

• Who is this for?

This is for that individual that needs to go to your PC lastly bring in cash on the web. It is additionally for the individual that needs to construct a rundown of individuals that need to purchase again and again so you can appreciate.

• What is the Secret Email System?

The Secret Email System is a strange way to deal with making and maintaining an online business, explicitly the opportunity...
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The Ethical Way To Make Money On Forgotten MySpace


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8 Good Reasons To Have Gold As An Investment

Gold As An Investment
Gold has always been popular because of its value, aesthetic qualities, ductility, and malleability. If you are a fan of movies set in ancient times, you’ll see why people would go crazy for this shiny object.

Even a kid with no background in finance knows how important gold has been throughout human history. For centuries, it has provided insurance for people owning it.

Today, we’ll look at different ways to have gold as an investment and what makes this metal...
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What is Digital Real Estate And What Makes It A Good Investment


When most people hear the term real estate, buying and selling houses comes to their minds. However, there’s a digital version of it as well. This post is about digital real estate and what makes it a good investment.

Digital Real Estate And What Makes It A Good Investment
The term digital real estate is new to many people. Most people are familiar with the concept of “physical” real...
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About Walmart E-commerce Retail Store and Steps to Get Yours

Screenshot 2020-11-18 at 3.42.14 PM.png

Being one of the pioneers in this business, Walmart also happens to be the largest retailer in the world. It has revolutionized the way America shops. Because of their size, they are also determined to never miss a good opportunity. That’s why they recently rolled out their e-commerce retail store...
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How You Can Profit From My Nearly $1 Million Loss by Teeka

A New Way to Own Gold… Collect Interest… And Earn Free Gold
By Teeka Tiwari and Grant Wasylik

I never like to lose money…

And this year, I’ve lost nearly $1 million.

Now, losing money because an idea didn’t pan out is just part of investing. Not every idea will be a winner.

However, this idea is one of my best of the year. It’s been a huge winner. So how did I “lose” almost a million bucks?

Let me explain…

In April, I told you for the first time in two...
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My No. 1 Way to Buy Gold

I've spent many years on Wall Street. And during my days as a hedge fund manager, I developed a simple strategy to protect my clients’ gold holdings.

In this special report, I'll share with you step-by-step instructions on the best way to buy gold.

By Teeka Tiwari

Below is...


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How to Turn $675 into $1 Million With My Top 3 Small Cryptos for 2021

Speculations can be wildly profitable… It’s the only market we know of where you can risk as little as $100 and make tens of thousands of dollars. And I've personally turned a small, $1,000 stake into $1.6 million. But you’ve got to do it right. In this special report, we’ve identified the best three “speculative” blockchain plays out there… Below is the special report pdf by Teeka Tiwari. an amazing blockchain guru you should get to me. this report is only available for registered...


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My Top Plays for Blockchains $295000 Revolution

The world as we know is evolving, new technologies are being sent to the market everyday and the best way to get in line with this new evolvement is to learn how to invest in it. Investing in blockchain will be the smartest investment at this particular time, because every new teach always has a connection to blockchain, there by making blockchain one of the most profitable investing. But investing in Blockchain does not mean investing in bitcoin. below i have attached a pdf by Teeka Tiwari...


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20 Online Business Ideas One Can Start Immediately

This article starts here

Screenshot 2020-11-18 at 3.20.56 PM.png

20 Online Business Ideas One Can Start Immediately

Starting a business has never been easier. All you need is a laptop, an internet connection, and a high amount of willpower to turn an idea into a business empire.
I’ll share 20 online business ideas that you can start immediately. Now don’t get me wrong here: I’m...
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Tesla is the future

On the 30th August tesla will split there share price into 5. Which means if you had 1 tesla share, after the splitting you will own 5 tesla shares instead of one. This is a great opportunity for investors to get into the future investment. Tesla is also working on producing affordable cars which everyone will jump on once it hits the market their by increasing the company’s worth,new tesla 700 mile battery is rolling in the market soon

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What are the 7 Common Investment Scams and How You Can Avoid Them

You Losing your money in an investment scam is one of the worst feelings in the world. However, after learning about the most common investment scams in this article, you’ll be able to differentiate between a good investment opportunity and a fraud.

The article starts here:

7 Common Investment Scams and How You Can Avoid Them

Some investment opportunities carry a red flag with them. However, as humans, it’s natural to get lured into them. So it doesn’t matter if...
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What you need to know about snowflake IPO

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Must buy stocks to ready your portfolio for 2021

Most people probably, still don't fully understand what it means to own a companies stock otherwise called shares. Owning a companies stock is the same as owning some part of that company. 2021 is fast approaching and if you think what i think, then that's probably the reason why you are reading this post. Hey do not forget to throw in your opinion under as a comment. This page will continuously be updated with comments on 2021 must buy stocks, so always visit to see whats new or go ahead...
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