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    Cheapest cryptocurrency

    Dogecoin, Cardano and the Sandbox are some cheapest cryptocurrency which you can invest in 2022. Have you invested in cryptocurrency?
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    What things you would do in VR if it was possible?

    Skydiving is the first thing which comes to my mind. I would like to try a VR setup where you can try skydiving without having to actually do it. That would be really fun!
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    How long can you handle wearing VR headsets for?

    I found it difficult in the beginning. Like I used to get headaches and feel strain in my eyes. But I think this might be the case for all beginners. One must take frequent and longer breaks if you feel discomfort. Then after some days, I got used and enjoyed my play.
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    What VR game are you playing now?

    Am into eleven table tennis! It's amazing and am being addicted to this. So which VR game are you playing?
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    VR Game Experience

    What do you feel is the major difference in PC gaming and in VR games?
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    VR Games

    My top favourite is Beat Saber which I wouldn't stop playing unless my brother snatches my vr from me... lol! So What's is your favourite VR game?
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    Overnight Oats

    Soaking your oats overnight decreases the phytic acid at a better rate than cooking oats. They offer a range of health benefits also, due to their rich fibre and protein content. So how do you take your oats? Which one do you prefer?
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    Do good and tasty food have to cook for long?

    This is something totally depends on the dish you make. Some may marinate the previous day when it comes to meat and certain vegetables doesn't get cooked in 5mins. So what do you think about it?
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    One pot meal

    One pot meal is the favorite and easy dish for working women where the grains, protein, and veggies are tossed and the pressure cooked. You can add veggies as per your wish and also add mushrooms for a change. It tastes so good. It is a pretty quick dish and yet tast and healthy too.
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    Snack for kids

    Instead of frying those frozen foods as snacks for kids, it is better to give healthy salads, boiled pulses, sprouts etc. These can be a great snack idea for school going kids.
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    What's going on in your garden?

    Almost 2 years back, I started my own vegetable garden. Actually pandemic forced to do so. Then I was interested and I took good care of the plants and now I have tomatoes, lady's finger, green chillies, ginger, pomegranate and bitter guard. So do you have a vegetable garden? The happiness of...
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    Nostalgia foods

    Share some of your nostalgia foods right below. I love chocolates but I don't crave it anymore now. Candies and chocolates were something which I love during my schooling.