Order a course of treatment for prostate adenoma in Kharkov

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Order a course of treatment for prostate adenoma in Kharkov


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Hello ladies and gentlemen!
We, a bee apiary, are engaged in the production, professional consultation and sale of bee products throughout Ukraine.

In the production of beekeeping products, 4 beekeepers are involved, who work for a whole calendar year in order to quickly send high-quality bee products to your home, such as: native royal jelly, tincture of wax moth, honey of different varieties, pollen and bee bread, tincture of a bee swarm, products based on propolis, drone homogenate and other bee products.
All products are accompanied by instructions developed by doctors and apitherapists. We also provide advice on the use of these products for both adults and children.
Contact us and you will be satisfied with our products.
We are always glad to help you!
Best regards, family apiary Vesely Shershen
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